How to Learn to Read Stock Market Charts

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Familiarize yourself with the concept of Margin Trading and all its terminology at Learn the fundamentals of Technical Analysis, explained in this YouTube video Check out this explanation of the Fibonacci Sequence and the fundamentals of resistance and support within Technical Analysis Learn Dow Theory… (Still working on finding a video tutorial for this […]

The Ballad of Rick and Morty: A Tale of Szechuan Sauce

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The Ballad of Rick and Morty: A Tale of Szechuan Sauce

“When does that Szechuan sauce come out? We gotta get some.” My two oldest cousins, Brian and Thor, are the closest things I have to brothers. All three of us are in our late thirties and, while we share all the strained relations and awkward rivalries family life affords most siblings, at our individual cores we […]

Question: What Are Cryptocurrency Economic Indicators?

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It’s well known that currency markets are subject to a finite number of economic indicators. It appears cryptocurrency may be no different. Who, What, When, Where, Why? The global cryptocurrency market saw a 1,466% increase over the course of the past year. (Source) My instinct is that the “why” of this dramatic increase is self-evident: […]

Thoughts on Leadership: Culture Compliance/Disruption

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Leadership isn’t difficult. In fact, it’s a uniquely rewarding experience–for the leader. If done well, so too is it a benefit to those who are lead. It’s this latter point that’s more of a challenge: keeping your team happy and feeling like what they’re doing is actually worthwhile Let’s break it down. What is happiness […]

Photo Gallery: Bushwick Open Studios 2014

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Photos from my visit to Bushwick Studios during Bushwick Open Studios 2014

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

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For the past few months I’ve been volunteering once-a-week (more or less) at Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co, part of 826NYC, a national chain of non-profit youth tutoring centers. You see, BSSCo poses as an unassuming (actually, it is quite, explicitly, assuming) storefront in Park Slope, Brooklyn. At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than […]

Found Footage: Good Times 2000

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“Good Times 2000” was a rave I produced outside Kansas City, KS with two other guys at the turn of the century. It’s impossible to know exactly how many souls were in attendance. The massive horse racing stadium GT2K called home wasn’t equipped to handle all the folks trying to sneak in. Suffice it to say, […]

Uncle Joe’s Films have Arrived…

It’s long been a dream of mine to archive my Uncle Joe’s work. He was a photographer and a filmmaker during a time and in a place where photographers and filmmakers were few and far between. It was the Dustbowl, central Iowa. My grandmother told me stories of her brothers and sisters eating from trash […]

Project Ecuador

Project Ecuador was a non-profit, humanitarian mission based out of Los Angeles that sent American lifeguards to South America to patrol Ecuador’s  beaches during the busiest holiday of the year: Carnival. For three years, I volunteered my marketing, design, photo and videography services to Project Ecuador and twice traveled to South America to document the […]