Drop Everything and Buy Jaden Smith’s Luggage Scooter Right Now

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Credit: X17onlineVideo

Jaden Smith is a man on the move. The rapper, actor, singer, dancer, and heir to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s throne, scooted his way into LAX this week with entourage in tow. Smith stirred up media attention recently not only with his new track “Plastic” dropping last week with numerous and dubious shoutouts to Elon Musk (including this tweet), but also for comments that suggest little Willy-style is dating fellow rapper, Tylor the Creator. The video above has a click-baity title nodding to those comments, but delivers exactly nothing in terms of substance to this fact.

What the video DOES deliver, however, is a DEFCON-5 level global alert to the existence of SCOOTER LUGGAGE.

Okay, so come on, people. Am I late to the game on this or what? Swiss scooter maker, Micro Kickflip designed this unholy union of roller bag and scooter Jaden Smith is seen here wheeling through LAX with. It’s whimsically called the, “Micro Luggage Adult.” That name rolls off the tongue as easily as your luggage will roll through the airport as you scoot your way through TSA security.

And, get this, you can buy your own from Amazon literally right now. Click the pic below to check it out…



Look at ‘im, being all extra… “I’m a big boy!” *Scooty-scooty scoot*

I’m totally going to get one of these. What about you? Roast me in the comments, babies.

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