Here’s Every Song Trending on Tik Tok Right Now

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There’s a song in the air, wafting in the breeze over Hollywood, rolling aloft above the Rockies and across the plains. It gathers like a storm, blowing towards the east and drifting off into the Atlantic to swirl and grow ever stronger, as it moves across the globe like a hurricane. From whence did such a gale muster its steady breath? The answer is China, kind of. There used to be this app called and then it got bought by a Chinese app called Tik Tok, both of which did pretty much the same thing.

What pray tell is it that these twin, torrential apps do? Basically, Tik Tok (which eventually took over is a mobile-specific platform where people (at the moment, almost exclusively teenagers) post short selfie vids, most of whom lip-sync to pop songs. But it’s cool because you can upload any song clip you want and a lot of the songs that end up catching on wouldn’t get recognized as much otherwise. Anyway, people can reuse each song clip in their own lip-sync vids and that’s how Tik Tok song memes are born.

Here’s a list of songs that are making waves across the app these days.


Limbo – Airplane Mode

There’s not much to know about Limbo, other than she’s an anonymous female singer from San Francisco and this sound is cute af. The song is pretty depressing, though. In fact, if you check out Limbo’s Soundcloud, a lot of the songs are really sad. After listening to a few of them, now I’m sad. We’ll press on anyway.


Maggie Lindemann – Pretty Girl (Paul Gannon Bootleg)

Fans of jackhammers, fingernails on chalkboards, and the squeals of pigs being led to slaughter rejoice in this ear-poisoning bootleg remix of Maggie Lindemann’s “Pretty Girl” by famed Irish EDM producer, Paul Gannon. The meme associated with this national atrocity of a song is pretty fun, though. People do the shuffle, usually up a flight of stares (it’s complicated). Such images of innocent fun help cut the audio war crime that accompanies them. It’s really quite the juxtaposition. Wait. Maybe the way I’m thinking about this is all wrong. Maybe this is art…



Foster The People – Pumped up Kicks

Hey, guys. Remember 2010? Crazy times, right? Did you know “Foster the People” gets its name because the lead singer’s last name is Foster? Yep. Think that’s shocking information? Well, buckle up because here comes a fact that will knock you into next week. Foster was a commercial jingle writer before he started the band! Wow, right? Like, who could imagine stale, commercial-sounding rock could come from someone who actually composes stale, commercial rock? Guys, I need to take a few minutes to sit down and let all this sink in. Phew.


だめ (Dame)

Okay, so this one is complicated. No one knows where it originates, but we do know it was somewhere/somehow in Japan. The loose translation of this track is this…

VO: [Say it] normally…
Girl: No good!
VO: Sexy…
Girl: No good
VO: Like a machine…
Girl: No good
VO: Cute…
Girl: No good
VO: Little boy’s voice…
Girl: No good!
VO: Cool…
Girl: No good
VO: Little girl’s voice…
Girl: No good!

According to this Japanese language article, it seems the sound is a parody of a theatrical audition. If your hunger for information on this sound persists, here’s another video that further discusses the usage of “dame” in Japanese language and culture.


Peggy Suave – Posin’

Two things. #1 this song is super fun. #2 I don’t quite understand how it originated. If you do, hit me up in the comments, because I’m confused. This Finnish guy, Sam Gretina created characters/personas that then create their own art and music? Maybe? This song was created by a character named Peggy Suave and is part of the “Peggy Suave Universe.” Check it out and please explain it to me down below.



I’m going to get right out in front of this one and say I want, WAAAAAAAANT to like this meme AND this song, but I don’t. The part of the song that’s used is literally the only few seconds of the track that doesn’t make me want to drift into a K-hole. The rest of it is so tragically hip, it’s begging for it’s father to be disappointed in it for majoring in cultural studies instead of just getting a god damn engineering degree like your brother. We’re paying for your god damn education, Darrel! Anyway, fuck this song and this guy’s try-hard aesthetic.


iLOVEFRiDAY – Mia Khalifa

Time for more confusion. Mia Khalifa is a porn star. iLOVEFRiDAY, an off-brand XXXTentacion and Lil Pump contemporary who clearly loves to have fun with capital letters, made a diss track about her for unknown reasons. Now, I am not an expert on diss tracks, but my feeling is that if you’re going to make one, it’s probably best practice to make the case as to why you’re going to the trouble, lest you be labeled a dick. So, in addition to this song being a musical scatter shot of lukewarm epithets, it’s also an anthem for Mean Girls to lip sync on Tik Tok. Anyway, this song is insufferable, the meme is tired, but the aesthetics of this video are pretty hot. Two stars. P.S., why is Tik Tok literally called out in this YouTube title? Thirsty much? Ooh-wee.

Update: I figured it out. In the first :01 seconds of the vid, it shows an Instagram post from iLOVEFRiDAY co-star, @SmokeHijabi wearing a hijab and smoking a blunt. It’s clear Mia Khalifa took issue with the image, posting it on her Instagram with a disparaging caption. This song is the group’s reaction to that post.


Earth, Wind & Fire x Post Malone – September Congratulations



Kodak Black – ZEZE feat. Travis Scott & Offset

This video stresses me out. It reminds me of every music video I ever worked on and therefor, makes me feel like I should be driving a Sprinter through Manhattan in rush hour to buy a guitar or socks or a butterfly net or whatever else the director needs for no reason. I hope everyone in this video gets an envelope with $120 at the end of the day like I did.


Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours feat. Irfane

I dare you… I DARE you to listen to this track without dancing in your seat. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Can’t do it, can you? It’s because this song rules, as does the video whose art direction is so rad, it makes me hate it for not thinking of this first. The meme (dubiously) associated with this thing is pretty random, though. Girls throw political correctness to the wind and make declarations of willing domestic submission (mostly in the service of sandwich-making) via hand-written notes they shoot with their hair ties. I’m all for contrarianism for its own sake, but this one is super random. Take that, Gertrude Stein, I guess? Again, please explain.

Okay, that’s it! That’s every Tik Tok song trending right now. There are no others. Roast me in the comments, babies!

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