Project Ecuador

Project Ecuador Man with ChildProject Ecuador was a non-profit, humanitarian mission based out of Los Angeles that sent American lifeguards to South America to patrol Ecuador’s  beaches during the busiest holiday of the year: Carnival.

For three years, I volunteered my marketing, design, photo and videography services to Project Ecuador and twice traveled to South America to document the mission myself.

Working with the Ecuadorian government at the highest levels, my experience with Project Ecuador opened my eyes to a vastly different global orientation in terms of social strata, wealth disparity and public policy. I, like PE’s founders, was shocked to learn that despite the fact that theirs are some of the most crowded beaches in the world, Ecuador did not have an official lifeguard program in place. Drowning deaths in Ecuador during the Carnival holiday were so extreme, the World Health Organization declared the situation an epidemic.

In 2010 and 2011, I traveled to Ecuador with two different groups of Project Ecuador volunteer lifeguards and documented the events, people, and rescues that I witnessed. To say those trips had an impact on me is an understatement.

The photos posted here are part of a collection I submitted to after my first trip to Ecuador with PE in 2010.

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